How to enter correct online store sold item’s packaging details?

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Information about sold online store items can be found under the section ‘’Orders’’. Next to every order, you’ll see package choosing and empty fields, where you’ll have to enter item’s weight, length, width and height. Once you have done this, click on the button ‘’Next’’, select desired courier service and click ‘’Choose’’. If you wish to add an additional insurance, enter the amount required and click on the button ‘’Choose’’. Then, you’ll be able to see all the details you have entered for every online store order (packaging and couriers pickup date). If the information is correct – click on the button ‘’Add to basket’’.

If you are sending outside EU, you’ll have to enter necessary information for customs (reason of export, sender’s VAT status as well as parcel content’s description). If details are entered correctly, click on the button ‘’Add to basket’’. 

Video of online store orders can be found here:

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