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Door to door parcel delivery

You can count on us to deliver your international parcels efficiently and securely every time. We offer an international door to door delivery service among more than 220 countries around the world, the best deals, great savings and the service you will not be disappointed in. Compare delivery prices and order the most suitable one.
New at using international delivery services? Do not worry if you are not sure of how to fill out Customs invoices, just visit our FAQ section or contact our friendly Support team. You will instantly get additional information and know how to fill out documents correctly in order to ensure that you shipemnt will avoid detention by Customs.
After familiarising with these nuances of international delivery, make sure that your consignment will “endure” the trip. With your efforts and a long-term experience of our partners it is truly possible. Read our FAQ section for some packaging advice and guidance.

Track delivery at any time

Parcel tracking number provided by all our carriers allows you to feel confident even when the shipment has already been dispatched. When ordering international express delivery service from Sendparcel.com, you will receive a confirmation letter with a unique tracking number. Simply enter this number into section ''Parcel tracking'' and all the information related to your consignment's route will appear on the screen.

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