Optimise your website by showing Sendparcel shipping offers on your website free of charge
Avoid re-entering shipping data of your sold items to Sendparcel – now it can be automated
Attach shipping labels to the parcel and wait for a courier – it’s that easy with SP API

For your convenience we offer the quick courier services interface SP API, which is a data and functionality interface, able to be provided or reached in the needed information systems. Interface your system with the Sendparcel.com system, where you can find offers of such couriers as DHL, TNT, FEDEX, DPD, LP EXPRESS, OMNIVA and VENIPAK. By using the integration possibility, you will increase your performance – you will be able to see the Sendparcel.com offers with prices on your website and the parcel delivery data, entered into your system, will be automatically provided to the Sendparcel.com system.

SP API advantages in your electronic space: 

  • The possibility to see in your system the dispatch services information, provided at the Sendparcel.com website, i.e. the courier and self-service parcel terminals services, service prices and average delivery periods. You and your customers will be able to see this information in your system free of charge;
  • You will not need to, each time, update the information, relating to the parcels’ delivery services – you will always be provided the updated information in your system;
  • The parcel ordering data will be automatically forwarded from your website to the Sendparcel.com system, therefore there will be no need to fill the order manually at the Sendparcel.com website. One will only need to print and attach the automatically generated document to the parcel.
  • You will save the personnel’s time, spent for order administration, since the processing of orders and delivery of the parcels to the recipients’ addresses will be quicker.

In case of any questions, relating to the SP API interface, please contact the Sendparcel.com staff by the email: verslas@siuskpigiau.lt.

If currently SP API integration is not required for your day to day activities, but tired of entering data of your sold items from your ecommerce platform to shipping platform repeatedly – sendparcel.com is here to help you. We offer you various platforms incorporation and these modules provides you with an opportunity to transfer data of your sold items (e.g. address, items’ value) on your ecommerce platform directly to sendparcel.com. Once transfer is complete, you’ll just need to select the most suitable shipping service for you and print the shipping labels provided. Additionally, we will take care of all the programming works, so you will not need to worry and spend time on it! To find out more information about this, click here.  

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