Customs formalities

Before sending a shipment to a non-EU country always check if any custom charges will be applied, what it depends on and how to ensure the shipments reaches its destination as soon as possible.

Customs charges depend on the country to which you are shipping

Custom charges and its application shall be governed by the law of the country of destination. Within European Union shipments do not have any custom charges, however if you’re shipping outside EU, custom charges may be applied depending on its value, content, weight and the laws of the country of destination. Customs staff will contact the recipient directly, Sendparcel is not involved in this process.

Remember, from the 1st of July 2021 VAT exemptions for low value consignments from non-EU countries will no longer be available. All goods purchased outside the European Union will be subject to import VAT charges and require electronic customs declarations.

How can I ensure that the shipment reaches recipient as quickly as possible?

Customs invoice
When you have filled in details of your parcel delivery to non-EU country in the Sendparcel’s calculator, instantly you’ll see the estimated delivery time of the shipment, not including the time shipment is held at customs. To ensure your parcel reaches its recipient as soon as possible, while placing an order you’ll be required to fill out a Customs Invoice.

You must provide informative and accurate description in your Customs Invoice including content of the consignment and the reason of exportation. If customs authorities determine the items, you’re sending differ from what you have stated in your Customs Invoice for example you declared the reason for exportation is gift, however in reality you have sold this item, additional custom charges may be applied, or the consignment may be returned to the sender.

Export declaration is not required if you’re sending only documents.

HS codes and goods country of origin
Goods traveling outside the European Union are classified and have international HS tariff codes. They allow customs to identify your goods and set the appropriate duty or tax rates for your goods. The customs also takes into account the country of origin of the goods being shipped, however it is very important to provide all the necessary documents proving the country of origin of your goods.

At the time of placing your order, you can indicate the HS codes of the goods you are sending in the "Customs invoice" section of the goods description, thus improving customs clearance procedures. HS codes can be found here.

Important: From the 15th of October 2020 shipping parcels using TNT services to Lithuania from any non-EU country, it is necessary to ensure that the receiver of the shipment must be legal entity registered in Lithuania or a natural person residing in Lithuania. Otherwise, the courier will not be able to provide customs brokerage services and you’ll have to take care of the consignment customs clearance process yourself. Shipments which will not be cleared through customs within 3 business days will be returned to the sender.

You can find out if the shipment is already cleared by Customs by simply entering your tracking number in the parcel tracker provided by Sendparcel.

Does my parcel require a customs invoice when shipping to/from United Kingdom?

Trade and Cooperation Agreement between United Kingdom and European Union has been confirmed, meaning all parcels destined to this country from the 1st of January 2021 require to go through customs formalities. From now on, parcels travelling to / from United Kingdom are required to fill out “Customs invoice” section when placing an order.

Detailed information about parcel shipping to/from United Kingdom can be found here.

Why EORI number is required?

The EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) number is used in the European Union. It identifies individuals, at the time of customs declaration of the consignment (formalization of the consignment’s exportation reason, obtaining customers authorisation to send it, etc.).

The EORI number is required for ALL users who send their shipments outside the EU and has selected Economy service. For shipments with Express services, the EORI number is only required if the value of the shipment is high (worth more than €1,000).

To obtain EORI number (EORI number is granted for unlimited time) – contact your local customs office.

You can check if you have a valid Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number here.

Customer should send us sender's EORI number to

Does the export declaration cost extra when shipping outside the European Union?

  • The shipments of DHL Express valued higher than €1,000 require Export declaration, costing €10. This amount will be included in the shipping cost at the end of the order.
  • The shipments of DHL Economy sent outside European Union require Export declaration, costing additional €10 + €3 for every product group. This amount will be included in the shipping cost at the end of the order.
  • The shipments of TNT Economy sent outside European Union require Export declaration, costing additional €17.38 + €5 for every product group. This amount will be included in the shipping cost at the end of the order.  You will also require completing and signing a contract for Customs. Once you have filled out the contract, you’ll have to send us an email to
    IMPORTANT: For parcels traveling to Turkey with the TNT Economy service, the value of the parcel cannot be less than 75 EUR.

Regarding customs enquires, the intermediaries communicate directly with the consignee.

Custom charges are not applicable for consignments within the European Union.

Temporary import / export

If you’re shipping repair / warranty items to / from non-EU countries, you can order temporary import / export service. Please note, when placing an order temporary import / export automatically will not be applied when export reason repair / warranty is selected. If you’d like to order this type of service, which costs (DHL – 40 EUR + VAT, TNT - 57.92 EUR + VAT), please contact Sendparcel’s customer service by email or Live chat.

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