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Planning to send a parcel and want to know how long the delivery will take?

Delivery terms shown in our parcel delivery calculator are average. If you’d like to find out an accurate delivery term for your shipment, please contact us on Live Chat.

Parcel delivery term is not guaranteed and may change for several reasons:

Remote location

Parcel pickup and delivery may take longer if sender's/recipient's city or post code is in a remote area. This means that the pickup/delivery point is in a difficult to approach area.

How do I know if the sender's/recipient's location is remote?
Contact Sendparcel’s customer service specialists to find out if the sender's/recipient's location is a remote location.


The pickup and delivery of the consignment may be carried out by the carrier's subcontractors, if the area is far from the city (villages, districts) or does not receive a large flow of consignments. This can extend your parcel delivery term by an extra business day. You’ll be informed about the subcontractor’s parcel collection and receive an email with necessary consignment documents. For a smooth parcel collection, ensure all the necessary documents are attached to the package.

Customs formalities

Consignments traveling outside the European Union must go through customs when they have reached the country of destination. The term of customs formalities procedures cannot be determined in advance; therefore, it is not included in the estimated delivery term shown in our parcel delivery calculator.

We recommend for you to provide clear and accurate information in the customs invoice while you’re placing an order and send all the necessary documents, if required. This can speed up customs procedures, so the parcel can reach its recipient faster. More about customs formalities can be found here.

Parcel packaging

Parcel packaging is the most important part of consignment’s preparation. It highly impacts whether your parcel will reach its destination safely, securely and on time. Improperly packaged parcels may get damaged during the trip, liquid or other substances may spill on the contents, therefore they may be stopped at terminals and repacked. For these reasons, the delivery term for the shipment may be longer than expected. Tips for parcel packaging can be found here.

The delivery of documents

If you are sending ONLY documents (the contents of the envelope cannot contain additional items such as keys, vehicle registration plates, cards, etc.), select the package type - documents. This will ensure faster delivery of the shipment, even when sending outside the European Union. The customs clearance procedures for a shipment may take longer if you have selected documents for the type of packaging, but you have added additional items to the contents of the shipment.

The delivery of pallets

If the weight of the package is 30 kg and above (with Venipak and Omniva services) or 70 kg and above (with DHL, Siųsk pigiau and TNT services), it must be placed on a pallet. When placing an order, ensure your package type selected is pallet.

Pickup and delivery of the pallet requires special transport, so the delivery time may be extended. Also, we would like to point out that you will not be able to send an improperly packaged pallet and we will ask you to pack it according to the required standards. We will be able to call the courier only when the shipment is properly prepared.

Unreachable sender / recipient

The delivery time of the parcel may be longer than indicated in the parcel delivery calculator, if the courier cannot find the sender/consignee upon courier’s arrival in the specified address. If the recipient is not found, the courier will try to deliver the shipment once again on the next business day.

When placing an order, it is necessary to indicate the local telephone number so the courier can agree on the details of the pick-up/delivery of the parcel in advance and the delivery of the parcel will be faster and smoother. We want to emphasize that couriers only call the local phone number in the recipient’s country.

Unforeseen circumstances

In case of force-majeure circumstances (bad weather conditions, strikes, pandemics, etc.) occurred during the collection or delivery of the consignment, the delivery term of the consignment may be longer than indicated in our Parcel delivery calculator.

IMPORTANT: The delivery term shown in our parcel delivery calculator is calculated from the next business day. This means if you have placed an order today, the delivery term for the shipment will be counted from the next business day.

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