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Express delivery service to France

Your business partner needs important documents urgently? Or, maybe you went to Paris and left something necessary at home? Don’t worry anymore, you have found a solution to your problems! You can send and receive parcels from France with Sendparcel. Choose Express delivery to one of the biggest France cities like Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Nice, and your parcel will be carried to destination in only one business day.

Cooperation with world's famous courier companies, such as DHL, TNT, FedEx, VENIPAK, ITELLA, DPD, LP EXPRESS or GLS ensures fast and reliable delivery. These carriers are experts of safe and quick delivery, so you can choose any of them without hesitation.

Simple ordering system

On Sendparcel's website you will be able to easily select and order your delivery service. Shipping alternatives with prices and delivery terms can be found in our Price quote calculator. Want a courier to come to collect your parcel? Not a problem. Ensure you choose this option when placing your order. Then, all what is left to do is to pack your parcel properly and hand it to courier.

At Sendparcel you will undoubtedly find the best delivery option. Get a Quote today and see it for yourself.

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