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You need to send a parcel to Hong Kong or Japan? Or maybe you need to import it from China or Taiwan to your country or even forward it among several Asian countries? It is easy with Get a Quote and choose delivery, which meets your needs and budget.

Easy international parcel delivery

International delivery does not have to be complicated. If you are not sure about certain aspects of parcel preparation, insurance or delivery, or need help filling Customs invoices, do not waste your time looking for answers online, rather just go to our FAQ section or contact us directly. We will instantly provide all the necessary information you require.

Track delivery at any time

We understand that sometimes when sending a parcel abroad you may feel like having lost control over it, especially if you ever had a negative experience in the past. We guarantee you'll be able to insure your parcel additionally and monitor its delivery progress from door to door using tracking number provided. To feel completely confident about your shipment, ensure it is packed correctly and if you need tips and illustrations of how to do it correctly, visit our parcel packaging page.

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Parcel delivery to Thailand
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Parcel delivery to Vietnam

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