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It is always worth to become a member of our loyalty club!
Join Sendparcel and send parcels at better shipping rates

Loyalty Club Level 1: SKILLEDSHIPPER

As soon as you sign up on Sendparcel.com website, you are SKILLEDSHIPPER enjoying good shipping prices.

Loyalty Club Level 2: ADVANCEDSHIPPER

Each customer who sends 10 parcels automatically becomes an ADVANCEDSHIPPER. From this moment on, you will get a 5% discount on the Sendparcel platform for each subsequent order.

Once a ADVANCEDSHIPPER, always a ADVANCEDSHIPPER, and the discount never expires!

Loyalty Club Level 3: MASTERSHIPPER

Customers sending 20 or more parcels within 1 month or placing orders for more than 900 EUR over the same period become MASTERSHIPPER and get 8% discount on all orders on the Sendparcel platform for the next 3 months.

The discount is valid for 3 months. For example, if you sent 20 parcels in March or made orders for more than 900 EUR, your discount for parcels will be valid for April, May, and June. Discounts are not added, so if you send 20 parcels again in April, the discount will be applied in May, June and July.

If the number of parcels you send becomes less after the expiration of discount (less than 20 parcels per month or the amount of orders is less than 900 EUR per month), you will become the ADVANCEDSHIPPER and qualify for a permanent 5% discount.

Additional conditions

Loyalty Club discounts and other lower price offers are not valid for Deutsche Post, SP by FedEx and USPS services. 

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