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Parcel delivery from Lithuania to European countries and major word cities may take on average between 1-3 business days.

Delivery terms shown in our Parcel delivery calculator is average. If you’d like to find out an accurate delivery term for your shipment, please contact us on Live Chat.

Parcel delivery term is not guaranteed and may change for several reasons:
  • Selected delivery service (express, economy);
  • Remote location - the sender's/recipient's city or post code is in a remote area;
  • Customs formalities – the term of customs formalities procedures cannot be determined in advance; therefore, it is not included in the estimated delivery term shown in our Parcel delivery calculator;
  • Parcel packaging - improperly packaged parcels may get damaged during the trip, liquid or other substances may spill on the contents, therefore they may be stopped at terminals and repacked;
  • Pallet shipments - special transport is required for picking up and delivering a pallet;
  • Unreachable sender / recipient - courier cannot find sender/receiver at the specified address;
  • Unforeseen circumstances - force-majeure circumstances (bad weather conditions, strikes, pandemics, etc.) occurred during the collection or delivery of the consignment, the delivery time of the consignment may be longer than indicated in our Parcel delivery calculator.
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