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Are you sending shipments of such volume or weight in Lithuania that pallets are necessary?

We offer a reliable, verified and, what is no less important, a partner offering the optimal price, who will deliver your package right to the recipient's door. The transport company SST is a 26-year-old Lithuanian company that has earned the trust of partners and customers.

What size pallets can I send using SST servises?

The maximum dimensions of the pallet when sending with SST courier are 120 x 80 x 220 cm. Maximum pallet weight 999 kg.

How long will it take for the package to reach the recipient?

If you choose this carrier, the pallet shipment will reach the recipient within 1 day.

After entering the shipment data in the price calculator, you will always see the estimated delivery time of the shipment.

Will I be able to track the shipment?

All Sendparcel services can be tracked on the website, after paying for the service to the specified e-mail. you will receive a unique parcel tracking number by post, all you need to do is enter it in the Parcel search box to track the parcel's route in real time.

Important to know

- When sending pallets, pay special attention to their proper packaging. Detailed packing tips can be found here.
- You have to take care of the pallet tray, the carrier will not offer it.
- Choose the right pallet size: so that the package does not protrude beyond its limits and is not significantly smaller. This way you will ensure the optimal price of the shipment.
- Place the boxes on the pallet so that the surface of the shipment is completely flat, as the shipments are stacked on top of each other during transportation.
- Wrap the boxes placed on the pallet tightly with packing film and secure with a strap.
- The weight and dimensions of the shipment are calculated together with the pallet. Pay attention to this when entering data in the Price Calculator.

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