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Using Courier services is a very convenient way to deliver parcels from door to door all over the world. A courier will collect your parcel from your specified address and deliver it directly to its destination, no matter the distance. 
We are proud partners of DHL, TNT, FedEx, VENIPAK, ITELLA, GLS, DPD, LP EXPRESS and OMNIVA. These courier companies are known worldwide as the best in the industry. They have built their excellent reputations on consistently providing the highest quality express courier services to their customers. Having that in mind, we can safely say that choosing delivery, you will receive only the best door to door service of the world's famous couriers. international courier services differ depending on delivery type – Express and Economy. Express parcels are delivered quickly. For example, deliveries to cities such as London, Paris or New York usually take 1 to 2 business days. If your delivery is not urgent, choose Economy service. Though delivery time is longer but the cost is significantly less. team reminds that parcels travelling to non-EU countries must go through Customs. Delays are possible, tariffs might also be applied. To avoid delays we recommend you to find out what duties, VAT and other taxes are applicable in the country of destination before you send a parcel. 

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