Sendparcel.com is a company providing parcel delivery services worldwide. In cooperation with the best international shipping companies, such as TNT, VENIPAK, ITELLA and GLS, we offer delivery services that are quick and inexpensive.
We provide Express and Economy delivery services. With Express service parcels are delivered to major European and North American cities within 1 - 2 business days. If your delivery is not urgent, choose Economy option that will save you extra money. All of the services are fully trackable. Having ordered a service on our site, you will receive a tracking number that will enable you to trace your parcel at any time of the day. 
For your convenience, all Sendparcel.com deliveries are door to door. No need to waste your time standing long queues in the post any more. Book your parcel with us and courier will pick up your shipment at the place and time most convenient for you. Parcel will be delivered to the recipient safe and sound in no time at all. 
Here at Sendparcel.com, we always strive to provide only the highest quality service. No matter what your needs or budget are, here you will find a service that meets your needs.
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