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  • When will courier collect the parcel from sender abroad  if I order import service?
While submitting an order on website, you will only be able to choose a collection date, not the exact time. Please note that collections may sometimes take up to two business days starting from the chosen date. If there are any issues with the collection of your parcel, please inform Customer Support about it as soon as possible.
Usually shipments are collected on business days in the afternoon, but in most cases courier will contact sender directly to arrange collection details. Thus, make sure you specify an existing contact number. 
  • Does the sender have to use Shipping labels as in case of export?
Yes, please inform your sender abroad to print and use supplied Shipping labels as well as customs invoice (if it’s supplied along with the Shipping labels). All documents along with other important information and instructions are sent to sender’s e-mail that you specify when booking online, thus make sure you provide a correct one.
Not using of supplied Shipping labels or using of handwritten documents issued by the driver may result in additional fees being applied to you and losing the ability of tracking of your shipment online.
  • What else should I know about import service?
In case of import, as well as in case of export, the same rules of ordering, shipment preparation and its transfer to courier apply.
  • Will I have to pay customs duty after the consignment arrives to my country?
Yes, you may have to pay customs duty, VAT and / or other fees, if these must be applied according to the laws of your country. We recommend asking for more information at Customs of your country.
  • Will the courier call me before arrival?
The option of calling before delivery is not available, thus please track your shipment and wait for the courier on the day anticipated. Shipments are usually delivered on business days, in the afternoon.

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