Pallet delivery

  • Do you carry pallets?
Yes, we can carry pallets. You will need to mark the type of your package on our Quick quote. Make sure you mark pallet icon to get offers for pallet delivery.
  • What services can be used for pallet delivery?
Pallets can be shipped using DHL Express and Economy services and VENIPAK Express and Economy services as well. Please note, ITELLA’s services cannot be used for pallet delivery. 
  • What are the maximum pallet dimensions allowed?
Restrictions for pallets vary depending on the carrier you choose. 
If you choose DHL, dimensions of a pallet may not exceed 120cm (length) x 100cm (width) x 160cm (height). In exceptional cases, DHL can carry a pallet with a height of 200cm.
Maximum permitted dimensions for pallets carried by VENIPAK are 120cm (length) x 100cm (width) x 170cm (height). 
  • How much does pallet delivery cost?
You can easily calculate delivery price using our Quick quote: simply enter your parcel’s weight and measurements. Please remember, all services use the greater of actual weight and volumetric weight when quoting price. 
  • Are there any conditions/requirements for pallet transportation?
Package must be rigid to avoid smashing or tipping sideways, after being stacked on each other. To ensure that, you must use sufficient quantity of stretch wrap. 
Add one additional working day for delivery or picks-up when sending a pallet because courier may need to order separate vehicle for pickup/delivery of your consignment.
  • Who should take care of the pallet loading/unloading?
Sender and receiver must ensure convenient loading/unloading for the courier, such as a ramp.

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