Custom duties

  • Do I have to pay a duty when sending a parcel?
No. Customs duties are regulated by the laws of receiver’s country. If a customs duty must be charged in accordance with receiver’s country’s laws, Customs’ officials will contact receiver directly. We do not participate in this process.
No customs duties are imposed on shipments travelling within the European Union.
  • How should I describe items that I send?
Please describe the contents of your shipment as accurate as possible. Do not declare it as a “Gift” because the shipment may be detained by Customs in order to determine its contents. Seeking to avoid this, a more accurate description of each item sent should be provided along with its value and quantity, if there is more than one of them.
  • What item value should I declare?
While declaring consignment’s value, specify the cost of an analogous item. Never indicate zero value of the contents. You must be able to prove consignment’s value with documents of purchase if your parcel went missing or damaged in transit.
Please note that the value of personal assets is more difficult to prove, thus they are assigned to the group of No compensation items. They may be sent, but at sender’s risk and in case of loss or damage, a claim cannot be filed.
  • What is the liability for incorrectly filled Customs invoice?
Customs invoice must contain an informative description of parcel’s contents and a reason of export. In case Customs establish that other than declared items are being sent or wrong reason of export has been specified (for example, “Gift” when in fact sold items are being sent), additional charges may be imposed, parcel may also be returned to sender or disposed by Customs.

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