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Need to send an international parcel to Slovenia but the endless courier service offers leave you confused? Here at Sendparcel we only work with time-tested and reliable couriers that will carry your parcels to Slovenia within few business days and, of course, at an affordable price.

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Start with our Quick quote to get price offers for a range of different delivery services. We also recommend checking package volumetric weight on our Volume calculator as this can help you save some extra money. Enter dimensions of your package and the calculator will automatically convert it into volumetric weight. Sometimes small items are being sent in huge boxes, in this way boosting parcel’s price, because delivery price depends on the higher out of the two – the actual or volumetric weight. So make sure you use a package that suits the size of your items. 
All Sendparcel consignments are delivered from door to door. At your request courier will pick up your shipment at the specific address and time convenient for you and present it directly to the receiver in any city of Slovenia whether it be Ljubljana, Maribor or some small village.

Get your shipment to Slovenia posted today! Quote price, choose your service and save with Sendparcel.

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