Smart time management


Lack of time and its management is one of the biggest problems most of the people have and the only way to control it is to start planning. Find out more about time management apps for both businesses and individuals.


Sorting, scheduling and planning your tasks, collaborating with your team members, all in one application. It is available on desktop and smart mobile phone devices with Android or iOS systems.

User information on the application is clearly structured and easily adjustable according to user’s needs. This tool organises all your projects into boards, which can be elaborated with additional comments, highlights, images, etc.  If you’re working in a team, you can follow and check the progress of a certain project. It is easy to join any board your colleagues have created.

To conclude, basic features of this applications are free of charge and is perfectly suitable for both business and personal project planning. To get in-depth information about this application click here


Timely is an innovative time management program helping to organise week-by-week activities efficiently. You can arrange your tasks in advance for greater time-estimation. Once you’re on those activities, you’ll be able to monitor if you have met the deadlines as well as its effectiveness. If there is anything you have to change, you can do so right away. Timely program is available on iOS devices and browsers. To find out more about the prices of this application click here.  

Google Now

This application will not only help you manage your time, but also provide with useful and relevant information such as places to eat, fastest route, breaking news, etc. Another innovative feature of this application – voice control. Just use your voice to ask a question and get an instant reply to your query. Also, it monitors your behaviour to predict answers for your future queries.

Google Now has filters to search results quicker and easier at the same time enabling you to focus on important tasks. Booking a restaurant or finding a parking space has never been so easy – Google Now will do all of this. Application collects information about your actions and history to create unique and customised information. Google Now is available for Android and iOS users.


Manage your individual or business activities, tag and track your day-to-day activities specifying hours and push notifications with Wunderlist. New tasks and unexpected ideas can be easily added to your lists at any time, even through your mailbox. Individual folders can be created and shared with your colleagues.

If required, attachments can be easily added on top of your uploaded work and various formats are acceptable such as Word, JPG, PDF, etc. Your lists are graphically presented for easier recognition and all your tasks will be building up into one bubble.

Wunderlist application is available on Android, iOS, Windows, OS X and Google chrome. You have a choice whether you’d like a free version or premium with a certain fee. More about this application can be found here.


This application slightly differs from others mentioned above. Toggle tool is designed to track how much time you have dedicated to performing and completing a specific task. It is highly useful if you’re looking for a way to measure the value of a specific project and prefer visual graphs. These are provided for every project, you’re on or have completed.

History including past tasks, downloaded links, etc. will be automatically saved, so there is no need to create separate folders on your computer to look for information you require. This application is available for Android and iOS devices as well as browsers. Plan pricing can be found here.

What is your favourite time management application?

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