Product image vs reality differs as night and day?


If you haven’t experienced yourself, you have heard people sharing their stories about online shopping bizarre. An item ordered differs from an image as night and day.

A dad wanted to surprise his son on Christmas with a special gift. He found an Xbox One game at a cost of $750 on eBay. Placed an order and when the item has arrived, all he found was a printed image of Xbox One game. 

Another bizarre story happened to a customer who has purchased walking winter boots for extreme weather conditions. Instead of a high-quality winter boots, high heels have been delivered. Or, a guy has ordered a tent for two people, however the size of a tent was just perfect to wear as a sweater.

What is the best way to avoid situations like this?

Read online reviews

Firstly, be sure to read product’s description and then compare it to the feedback given by the people who have bought this product. Browse on various platforms not only on the seller’s website as probably you will not find negative reviews there.

If you have noticed negative comments about the product to which seller has replied, check what was the reason for a negative feedback and the response seller has provided. There are multiple situations which can happen by accident, however if seller’s response is ambiguous and does not offer a solution, then you should not take a risk purchasing this item.

Also, remember to share your own experience about the items you have purchased. It does not matter whether it is a positive or negative feedback, as it can be extremely helpful for someone else when deciding whether to buy the product.

Spend extra time on research

Try to avoid impulsive purchase when you see only a single image of a product on the website. If you really like the product and do want to purchase it, check out other stores selling similar products, compare prices, delivery, reviews, etc. Then take a decision whether you’d like to purchase that product.

Be particularly careful when it comes to electronic tools. Read product’s specifications online and compare it with other online stores. In addition, if you’re planning to purchase clothing online, ensure you have checked the size charts and measure yourself to be sure it will fit you. Understand the measurements as depending on the country measurement units defer.

Free returns

This is the most convenient feature seller can offer. If you find out that you can return your items for free, it is safe to purchase it as if you’re not satisfied with a product, you’ll have an option to return it and get a refund.

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