Parcel myths you shouldn’t believe!


Online shopping and shipping parcels have become just a daily routine for most of us, however those who do not shop online often might believe in myths about this process.

Let’s bust the most popular ones!

Myth 1

It is risky to shop online – returns are not available


The biggest aspect of online shopping frightening people is the fact that you’re not able to try or touch the product whether it is clothes, shoes, electronic appliances, etc. It might look risky in the first place just in case it is not suitable and there isn’t a way to return it, however it is completely not true!

Returns is a requirement for all online stores if the item did not fit, was broken or faulty (exceptions are applied seldomly, more details can be found here). For example, if you’d like to return an item you bought on amazon, all you have to do is press a button ‘’Return or replace items’’’. It will direct you to fill in the form, provide the reason why you’re returning the item, print labels and just ship it. Items bought online can be returned within 14 days since the day you have purchased it.

Myth 2

Expensive insurance


Most of the shipping platforms or individual couriers immediately provide a free standard insurance for your shipment (the exact amount can be found on the courier’s platform). There aren’t any additional actions required to get the insurance as it is applied automatically. Remember to fill in correct details when placing an order, particularly item’s value and ensure you have evidence to prove it, just in case parcel gets lost or damaged.

However, if free insurance is not covering the full items value, you’ll be shipping, it is recommended to get an additional insurance. This will guarantee a compensation in case something happens to it, however remember, evidence of the item’s value is a must!

To conclude, free insurance will not cost you a penny, unless you select an additional one yourself. 

Myth 3

It is not safe to shop online


Every owner of ecommerce platform is looking for ways to improve and escalate user experience, including data protection. Furthermore, most of them offer various payment gateways, so the customer has an opportunity to select the most trustable one.

Another way to spot whether you can trust the website is a padlock symbol next to an URL as well as https: // (and not http: //) at the beginning of the URL, indicating that the website has SSL (data Coding System) certificate.

You can be sure of its security if you’re shopping on ecommerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon, however if you’re planning to buy an item in the shop which seems unfamiliar and unsafe, it is recommended to search information about the store on social networks as well as read other people’s reviews and comments. 

Myth 4

If you’re not at home upon courier arrival parcel is just left anywhere outside


You can be assured that reliable courier will not leave your parcel in your neighbour’s garden or just somewhere on the ground. Parcel shipping platforms will issue a tracking number, so you have an ability to follow its journey from A to Z. Also, courier communicates with the receiver to deliver it at the most convenient time as well as require a signature if the parcel is delivered to the right person. 

Myth 5

Any box or sticky tape is a safe packaging


Safe packaging is a must for every item you’re planning to send. If you decided to use a box, ensure it is suitable size and is not damaged. Boxes made from corrugated cardboard with thick walls will be just perfect companion for your item to reach its destination safely.

Remember, item in the box by itself does not indicate safe packaging, ensure you fill in the gaps with other materials such as bubble wrap or foam peanuts. Once it is safely packed, just close it and seal it with adhesive tape.

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