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Technology these days is constantly changing and becoming more innovative. The same rule applies for ecommerce field. Let’s have a look at the latest trends in the online shopping from both; buyers’ and sellers’ perspective.

Increase in the use of mobile phone shopping

According to E-shopper barometer Global report 2017 smartphone usage for online shopping is continually increasing. Based on the survey undertaken it has shown that 39% of participants are likely to use a mobile phone to do their online shopping. Year after the year, mobile phone shopping is expected to rise.

Smartphone technology is changing and developing day by day. Better individual recognition functions available – fingerprint, face recognition, etc. The main aim is to have as many functions as possible just under one click. All players in the ecommerce industry should be aware of these trends and keep an eye to avoid missing out on better opportunities and higher profits.

Voice shopping is expected to rise

This is a highly innovative technology and Amazon is making its way in this market. Based on OC&C Strategy Consultants report consumers spending for voice commerce is estimated $40bn in USA and $5bn in the UK by 2022. This trend can be a real headache for SEO specialists, as voice search generates only one, the most relative answer.

Image search engines

Shopping has reached a new level and introduced innovative technology – image search shopping. It is an easy way to find items you’d like to purchase. How it works? You take a picture, upload it to image search engine app and right away you get results with similar items from the picture. Currently ‘’eBay’’ and ‘’Pinterest’’ is investing in this type of technology. To keep up with the market it is important to stay innovative!

Better online purchasing and selling experience

Shopping online through various platforms is not something new these days. One of those platforms is Amazon. It has a strong brand presence in the world with more than 310 million active customer accounts worldwide. This brand is keeping up with the technology and introduced new kind of grocery store – Amazon go.

It is a store without cashiers and checkouts – everything is done through mobile phone app. It allows Amazon to stand out from it’s competitors – 44% of purchasing in USA happened on their platform in 2017. Brand awareness of Amazon is constantly growing not only in B2C sector, but also in B2B.

What kind of online business trends are most relevant and interesting for you?

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