Christmas rush - how to make the best out of it?


During Christmas peek many people decide to save their time and purchase Christmas gifts online, thus avoiding long and frustrating queues in the shopping centres. A holiday season is the time when owners of online shops can make the most of it. Here are some tips!

Take care of your inventory

  • Analyse last year’s sales of your website before Christmas and try to assess if your inventory is enough for the upcoming season. Ensure you have enough stock and your customers won’t need to wait for a long time as pre-Christmas season goes fast.
  • If you have a limited number of specific items available, clearly state it on your website showing the balance of available goods. Once the stock runs out, hide the item and inform your customers that the item is currently not available. This way you’ll not only save your customers time, but yours too.

Offer fast and convenient product delivery

  • If the delivery of your products during holiday season differs from usual delivery term, inform your customers about it clearly on the website.
  • Offer a selection of ways to pick up the item – door to door delivery of the courier, delivery to pick up terminals or stores, if available.
  • Remind customers of a free return within 14 days of purchase.
  •  Offer alternative products or services to your customers to save their time when shopping on your website e.g. festive gift packaging options.

Decorate your online store

  • Create slight changes to your online store’s design – remind customers about Christmas promotions, use festive banners to create Christmassy mood and cosy atmosphere for the buyer.
  • Before and during the festive season, include an additional section in your online store and share variations of gifts ideas for the loved ones with special offers. This way customer has an easier way of making a final decision.

Offer customers to purchase gift cards

  • Offer your customers a chance to purchase an electronic version of a gift card - this is a great idea for the last-minute gift, as it is instantly sent directly to customers email address. Make it visible on your website and add it to the list of Christmas gift ideas.
  • Ensure gift cards are designed and decorated Christmassy, so it looks great under the Christmas tree.

Ensure customers can easily get in touch

  • Respond to customers calls, emails or enquiries on your website as soon as possible.
  • Remind your customers of holiday season discounts, new items and any other relevant information via newsletters.
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