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Express parcel delivery service, together with reputable and internationally recognised express couriers – DHL, TNT, FedEx, ITELLA and GLS – will take care of all your shipments to the United Arab Emirates. In just a few business days, we can deliver your parcel to Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Fujairah. 
We are constantly negotiating with our partners in order to provide you the best parcel delivery price deals online. Try our Quick quote calculator and choose from a range of delivery options by different carriers. After you’ve chosen one, you can continue with the order. Once you’ve prepared your parcel and attached supplied Shipping labels to it, a courier will come to collect the parcel from your home or workplace. You no longer need to stand long queues in the post!

Additional information

We want your delivery to be trouble-free so please note that deliveries to non-EU countries may take a little longer due to Customs clearance procedures. Moreover, to ensure a quick and hassle-free delivery to UAE, make sure your item is not on the List of Prohibited items. Otherwise, it could be returned back to you. 

All delivery services include standard cover. However, knowing that the shipment may be valuable not only financially but personally, we also offer additional insurance up to full shipment’s value. You can easily order it when booking a service. With, you can feel secure – your parcels will arrive safe and sound!

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