7 steps to start business on eBay


Ebay is one of the biggest ecommerce platforms with more than 25 million sellers, so how to run a successful business on this platform?


1. Create an eBay account

You can either register as an individual or as a business and it is free. If you’re looking for bigger opportunities, select business account as it can bring you more advantages such as having company name displayed in all communications, getting discount on eBay fees and displaying contact details in the listings.

When it comes to creating an account and selecting a username, it is important to evaluate how your potential customers will perceive it. Avoid long and boring usernames such as user123456, as it will probably won’t attract customers attention. It should to be attractive, interesting or reflecting your business module, which will enable potential customers to find you faster and simpler.

2. Learn about selling policies

It is important to have a look at the selling policies in order to ensure that you meet the obligations and do not brake any rules.  In case you do not comply with the rules, eBay can take certain actions such as removing listings and limiting your selling privileges. Read more about seller’s policy here.

Consider all expenses you might face before deciding on the final price of the product. There are seller fees on eBay such as insertion, final value, listing upgrades, etc. To find out more about it click here.

3. Purchase items on eBay

The best way to understand the process of purchasing on eBay is to try to it yourself. Buy an item from any eBay seller and see the steps you need to take to get the product. Evaluate products presentation, description, communication with the seller and any other factors that contribute to the final step.

Take all these aspects into account, think how your customer thinks and offer the best solution. Constantly develop your offers as users’ habits do change and you must keep up with the market to have a successful business.

4. Sell and evaluate

Auction is another way, you can identify the highest price your potential customers are willing to pay to get an item. From time to time look at your competitors’ auctions to evaluate the best price you could offer to the market.

Do not forget that packaging, presentation, image quality and various shipping offers is an important factor to generate more conversions. Remember, when entering items dimensions and weight for the first time, it should be measured when the item is packed.

After careful analysis how eBay system works – start listing your first items. Once you have started to generate some sales, evaluate your customers behaviour and use it to provide a better overall experience.

5. Retain customers

Customer retention is essential for every business to drive higher sales. Before you ship your item, ensure it is not damaged. Then, pack it safely and ship it as soon as possible – do not delay.

Successful eBay business is built on customer reviews. By meeting customers expectations, you’ll be able to get more positive feedback and increase retention. At the beginning, positive reviews is a crucial element to drive sales, so do not forget to encourage customers to leave their feedback!

Furthermore, answer all your customer queries you’ll receive. Delay responses might discourage potential customers from purchasing your item and will choose someone else who has responded immediately. Another hint how to increase your seller’s response rate is to ensure your message is the last in the conversation with your client.

6. Find a niche market

Now, that you know how eBay works, start working on it. Find a niche market, you could sell your items, as it will allow you to have bigger sales and less competition. Communicate with individuals who have similar businesses on this platform. This might give you opportunity to build stronger relationships with various suppliers, shippers and wholesalers.

7. Expand your business

If expansion is one of your business goals, ensure you’re constantly evaluating the market and following the latest trends. This way you’ll be able to keep up with the market and always be one step further than your competitors. Ebay is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms, however it is not the only platform. Amazon is making it’s way into the market. Next blog post – how to run successful business on Amazon!

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