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How to prepare your shipment:

Imperfect packaging puts your goods, other shipments, and our TNT team members at risk. Your shipment must comply with our safe-packing policy. Drivers have the right to refuse packaging described below.


Used boxes lose strength. Ensure your box is rigid and in good condition.

Use proper sealing tape in an H pattern on top and bottom, and consider strapping heavier boxes.

We can accept boxes up to 70 kg without a pallet, but please put a "HEAVY lift with care" on boxes over 23 kg.


Items should fit squarely on the pallet, without hanging over the edge. We can't accept overhanging pallets as they can get damaged easily or can damage other shipments.

Use strapping and/or stretch wrapping to hold items in place on the pallet. Wrapping should include the pallet itself.
A level top surface makes it strong, compact and stackable. Non-stackable pallets will incur a surcharge.
Remove old labels. Affix new labels on top, so the barcode is flat (not folded over the edge).
  • Large, heavy or irregularly shaped items need extra attention to packaging and handling. Often they cannot be stacked or placed on conveyor belts during transit. Because of this, you may need to pay a surcharge.
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