VAT invoices

  • How can I change the payer/buyer on the VAT invoice? 
To do this, please log into your account on our website and go to section My Details.
  • When will I receive a VAT  invoice? 
Once your invoice has been issued, it will appear as a PDF file in the section My Invoices of your dashboard and be also forwarded to you by e-mail. If you have not received your invoice, contact our staff by using Live Help
Please note, at your request VAT invoices may be issued once a month.
  • How do I know to whom VAT invoice will be issued?
VAT invoices are being issued based on the information provided in your registration form. To change the details, update your account information in section My Details of your dashboard.
  • I have not received a VAT invoice yet.
Usually, VAT invoices are being forwarded by e-mail. If you have not received an invoice, check your spam/junk box, because sometimes our systemic letters are classified as spam. Invoices are also available for download in section My Invoices of your dashboard. 
  • Why is 0% VAT rate applied to delivery service?
Consignments to/from outside the EU are subject to 0% VAT rate according to the VAT law of Lithuanian Republic. Consignments travelling within the EU are subject to the standard 21% VAT rate.
  • Why the seller on the invoice is UAB Technologijų era, although I paid to another account?
When paying on website, as one of payment options, user may choose “Paysera” payment system owned by UAB EVP International. “Paysera” is a payment collection system that helps making payments to Lithuanian and European banks. In this case, the company UAB EVP International is considered a collector of payments, and the bill for the service is issued by UAB Technologijų era.

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