Third country deliveries

  • What is a third-party delivery?
Third-party delivery is a delivery between two selected countries, when a person or company booking the service is neither the sender nor the receiver. Suppose, while being in France, you may order delivery from the U.S. to Germany or from China to Brazil, etc. In this case you are treated as a customer and will deal all the matters related to delivery of your shipment, as well as refunds, meanwhile sender and receiver are considered to be third parties.
  • How is third-party delivery performed?
Delivery of this type is performed similarly as in case of import. After booking a service online, sender receives Shipping labels by e-mail. These labels must be printed and attached to the parcel before courier’s arrival. Please warn the sender about it in advance. 
Not using of supplied Shipping labels or using of handwritten documents issued by the driver may result in additional fees being applied to you and losing the ability of tracking of your shipment online.
  • What do I need to know before booking third-party of delivery?
Before you book any delivery service on, you must know the exact weight and measurements of packaged/prepared parcel. The same rules of order placing, parcel preparation and handing over to courier apply as in cases of shipments’ import and export.

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