Parcel collection and delivery

  • Can I order a morning collection?

Collections are operated between 8:00 and 18:00 depending on Senders location (town/city), usually in the afternoon. For more specified parcel collection times, please call the local office of the courier you chose for your parcel's delivery.

  • What is the latest time I can order delivery for same day collection?
Usually our system will allow you to choose collection date only. If your location has an option of selecting collection time, you will be able to do this while booking. 
If you want your parcel to leave the country on same day, you can drop off your parcel to the nearest Courier’s office. Please click here to find out where and until when parcels must be left. 
  • Can you deliver shipments from abroad?
Yes, you may order import services on as well. In our Price calculator select another sender’s country; the rest of the ordering procedure is as usual. Please arrange collection date with your sender abroad and find out the exact weight and dimensions of the parcel before you order import service. 
  • What packages can a courier accept?
Couriers collect boxes, letter envelopes, Jiffy and special packages that can be provided by our partners. Please remember that all items you send must be safely and properly packaged. You may find some useful packaging tips here
If upon the courier’s arrival consignment is not ready, it will not be collected, so you will have to order collection for next business day and pay additional fee for re-arrangement of collection.
  • When at the latest the courier arrives to collect my shipment?
Usually couriers collect shipments till 5 or 6 p.m.  However, if it is already 5 p.m. and the courier had not yet arrived and didn’t call you to inform about being late, please contact staff by Live Support.
  • Will I get a compensation if courier does not collect my parcel on time?
All services offered by guarantee that your parcel will be delivered to destination address, but do not guarantee it’s collection on the day you selected. For this reason, may only refund your payment in case of failure to collect the parcel.
  • Will contact me if courier fails to collect my parcel? is a parcel delivery broker, not a courier. Problems related to parcel collection are very rare, but if this should happen, please contact us by Live Support immediately so we could re-arrange the collection with our partners.
  • Where can a courier collect a parcel from?
Courier can collect parcel from your place or business address during business hours. If client is a large company, courier will collect the parcel at the reception. Time period chosen for parcel collection (if available) must be at least two hours long.
  • How long does it take to deliver my shipment to the receiver?
Once you have filled the necessary details in our Quick quote, you will see the preliminary delivery date. Please note, the displayed term does not include delays that may appear because of Customs clearance or force-majeure conditions. 
  • Do you charge for delivery re-attempt?
This depends on your chosen courier. TNT international courier does not charge for delivery re-attempts, however, if you choose VENIPAK, iTELLA, GLS the second and third attempts to deliver the parcel are charged with the same amount paid. If a receiver cannot be found, the costs of parcel return will have to be paid by you.
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