5 biggest shipping mistakes you should avoid


In a shipping history there has been various situations and it is important to know what you should avoid to ensure successful parcel delivery. Let’s take a look at 5 biggest shipping mistakes you should avoid.

1. Incorrect parcel packaging

If the packaging of the parcel will not be appropriate, it will be your responsibility (and if it is not packed in any way, it will not be transported at all), so here are few tips you should consider:

- Any item you will be shipping, depending on its size, pack it into the right packaging: box, envelope, padded envelope or special courier’s package. It is highly important for a simple reason – inappropriate packaging can increase shipping price up to 40%, so if you’re sending a mobile phone, do not pack it into a box which is two or three times bigger than an actual item. When couriers evaluate shipping price, it is not based only on the actual weight, but also on its volumetric weight, so think about this when packing your parcel.

- Before you chose packaging for your parcel, look at its attributes. If your item is fragile, place it in the middle of the box and fill it up with bubble wrap or foam peanuts. Keep in mind, couriers place parcels one on top of the other, for this reason strong and durable packaging is a must. 

- Paper or any other fabric packages are not suitable as it can easily be damaged. Do not forget signs such as ‘’This way up’’, ‘’fragile’’, etc. if your parcel requires extra attention.

2. Sending prohibited items

There are some items which cannot be shipped as it is prohibited. It is important to know those items in order to avoid any unconformable or unplanned situations. If the item is prohibited at least in one country/state where it will be travelling, it cannot be sent. Furthermore, items which are highly valuable cannot be shipped as it would be complicated to exchange or restore it in case it gets lost/damaged.

By sending prohibited items, you’re taking a risk that it will be either kept at customs or destroyed.

3. Parcels description not precise

There are some items which can only be sent under one condition – description of the item must be precise. Here is the list of those items’ categories:

- Car part

- Gift

- Item from eBay.com

- Sample

- Personal items

It does not mean that it is prohibited to ship items which falls under these categories, however detailed description is necessary. If the information is not provided, courier has the right to stop it without notifying the sender, as well as payment will not be refunded.

4. Incorrect order details

When you’re placing an order, ensure you provide correct both sender’s and receiver’s addresses, telephone numbers or any other necessary information, to ensure the parcel reaches its destination.

Once you have filled in required details, you’ll receive shipping documents – print it and stick it safely in a visible place on your parcel. Now your parcel is ready for its journey.

5. The type of delivery service

Before you send your parcel, think when it should reach its receiver. If it is urgent – select Express service and it will reach its destination between 1 -3 business days. We recommend selecting Economy service if the shipment delivery time is not the first factor as it will take only few days extra comparing to Express service.

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