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We want to share with you the opportunity to integrate delivery services into your system free of charge!

We offer the quick courier services of such couriers as TNT, OMNIVA, ITELLA, ITELLA/GLS and VENIPAK interface SP API, which is a data and functionality interface, able to be provided or reached in the needed information systems. By using the integration possibility, you will increase your performance – you will be able to see the offers with prices on your website and the parcel delivery data, entered into your system, will be automatically provided to the system.

There is possibility to see in your system not only the dispatch services information, provided at the website, but also the parcel ordering data will be automatically forwarded from your website to the system. There will be no need to fill the order manually at the website. One will only need to print and attach the automatically generated document to the parcel. You will save the personnel’s time, spent for order administration, since the processing of orders and delivery of the parcels to the recipients’ addresses will be quicker!

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