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The team, in collaboration with the fastest international courier companies, offers you one of the best door-to-door parcel delivery to America prices on the market. Quote price, compare services from different carriers and save on shipping with us. Forget about the days when a shipment to the United States would take a few weeks. We will deliver your shipment to major American cities, such as New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, in just a few days. 
Planning to send an expensive item but concerned that it may get lost or disappear travelling such a long distance?  When ordering with us, you always have a standard cover included in service price and you can easily enhance it additionally. Plus, your shipment always has an assigned tracking number using which you will be able to follow the progress of your shipment at any time of the day. 
Now you can rest assured. With, you will feel secure – your parcels will arrive safe and sound! Why not quote price now?
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